Style Inspiration: White Pants

Style Mens White Pants Gallery Style Inspiration: White Pants

I used to have this concern about white pants being hard to deal with during laundering, because it’s just so easy to get tainted (even by the dust in the air, if not chocolate frosting or crumbs.) It sort of turned into a negative notion that tells me buying a pair of pants in pure white is a less clever shopping decision. #Utilitarian

It’s until later I realised that isn’t really 100% true because we can always use bleach, and most of the time white pants are bleach-friendly.

As a staple of summer season, white pants is also very wearable here in Malaysia, and I love how the lustrous white of the pants can instantly make an otherwise boring look appears chic and elegant. I think that’s what makes white pants an irreplaceable fashion item.

White Pants Men Fashion Inspiration Gallery Style Inspiration: White Pants

I’m very much inspired by these images, and I hope they’ll inspire you to wear your white pants more. Have a look.

Men Style White Pants1 Style Inspiration: White PantsDenim Shirt + White Pants is a Winning Combo
Men White Pants Style Style Inspiration: White PantsStripes + White Pants
Brown Jacket White Pants Style Inspiration: White PantsBrown Jacket, Light Navy Checker + White Pants
Sockless White Pants Men Style Inspiration: White PantsWhite Pants + Sockless
White Pants Arm Party Checker Style Inspiration: White PantsWhite Pants, with Dark Gray Checker Peeking out from under the jack sleeve.
White Pants Blue Shirt Hat Style Inspiration: White PantsDenim Jacket and matching hat
White Pants Checker Shirt Scarf1 Style Inspiration: White PantsWhite Pants & Mini Checker Shirt
White Pants Double Breast1 Style Inspiration: White PantsWhite pants & double-breast
White, Navy, Brown / MustardWhite, Navy, Brown / Mustard
White pants, Tweed, Striking RedWhite pants, Tweed, Striking Red
White, Navy, GreenWhite, Navy, Green
White pants + Red Top/ ShirtsWhite pants + Red Top/ Shirts
Rusty Red + WhiteRusty Red + White
Navy Polo + White Pants. Very simple yet chic.Navy Polo + White Pants. Very simple yet chic.
White Pants + StripesI love this look so much. It’s super chic! Stripes here work so well with white pants.
Purple shirt, gray jacket, White PantsPurple shirt, gray jacket, White Pants
Suit jacket & white pantsSuit jacket & white pants. That slip-on is a note to take.
Red, Brown, WhiteRed, Brown, White. Notable color combo.
Zara White Pants, Dark SuitWhite pants, white tee, charcoal jacket, completed with black shoes. A black-&-white chic.

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