TAG Heuer Celebrates Jack Heuer’s 85th Birthday With A Limited-Edition Autavia Watch

Tag Heuer Autavia TAG Heuer Celebrates Jack Heuers 85th Birthday With A Limited Edition Autavia WatchImage: watchonista.com

To coincide with Jack Heuer‘s upcoming 85th birthday this November 17, TAG Heuer has launched a limited-edition watch of the classic Autavia. The Autavia timepiece was first created by Jack Heuer back in 1962 and famously worn by racing drivers during that era.

For the re-issue version of Autavia, the limited-edition timepiece features a 42mm stainless steel case with a 12-hour/60-minute bezel, a brand new Heuer-02 calibre proprietary chronograph movement, a power reserve of 80 hours as well as a self-winding calibre and a power reserve of 80 hours.

“The story of the Autavia is a rich drama, full of twists and turns,” said Jack Heuer. “It is one of my proudest achievements to have successfully converted chronographs into the Autavia wristwatch in 1962, so this collection has a special place in my heart: It was the very first timepiece that I designed, and today I am proud to present the last watch that I have created!”

The Autavia watch will be limited to just 1,932 pieces priced at US$5,900 (RM24,936), a significant number that references the year of Jack Heuer‘s birth.

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