RJ-Romain Jerome Unveils Limited-Edition Pokémon Watch

RJ X POKEMON RJ Romain Jerome Unveils Limited Edition Pokémon WatchImage: romainjerome.ch

Believe it or not, it has been 20 years since Nintendo and creator Satoshi Tajiri made their Pokémon debut back in 1996. For two decades, Pokémon has time and again proven the franchise’s staying power, with the recent release of their hugely popular Pokémon GO mobile game being the latest example.

Now, independent Swiss watchmaker RJ-Romain Jerome has collaborated with the Pokémon company to release a limited-edition wristwatch featuring the franchise’s most popular character, Pikachu.

Known as the RJ X POKÉMON, it showcased a smiling Pikachu applique alongside the character’s trademark lightning bolt on the dial as the watch’s main focus. The Pikachu character is specially hand-painted in yellow cold enamel while the dial itself is housed in a 46mm Moon Invader titanium case. The bright yellow Pikachu stands out vibrantly against the black DLC-coated baseplate etched with the character’s recognisable electric-type pattern. Also worth noting here is the matching yellow vulcanised rubber strap that comes with the integrated ball-and-socket joints.

The RJ X POKÉMON is available only in a limited edition of 20 units and cost US$20,000 per piece. For more info about the RJ X POKÉMON, click here.

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