New Balance Introduces Its First Smartwatch For Runners

New Balance RunIQ Smartwatch New Balance Introduces Its First Smartwatch For RunnersImage:

Best known for its iconic sports footwear, fitness label New Balance has joined the wearable market by launching the brand’s first smartwatch.

The smartwatch, known as RunIQ, is built in collaboration with Google, Intel and Strava. Specially designed for runners, the RunIQ features a built-in GPS, lap button, heart rate monitor and interval capability.

New Balance RunIQ Smartwatch B New Balance Introduces Its First Smartwatch For RunnersImage:

New Balance has an 110-year heritage of product development and innovation in the running category, and RunIQ represents our commitment to helping athletes achieve unparalleled fitness experiences,” said Rob DeMartini, president and CEO of New Balance. “A smartwatch for runners made by runners, RunIQ combines our expertise in running with the best engineering advances through breakthrough collaborations with some of the biggest players in the technological industry.”

The RunIQ also allows runners to sync, store and listen to Google Play music from an Android phone. In addition to that, the smartwatch is water-resistant for up to 5ATM.

The New Balance RunIQ smartwatch is priced at US$299.99 (RM1,341) a piece and will be available on February 1. You can also pre-order the smartwatch at

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