G-Shock Releases Its 35th Anniversary “Big Bang Black” Watch Collection

G Shock Big Bang Black G Shock Releases Its 35th Anniversary Big Bang Black Watch CollectionImage: hypebeast.com

To coincide with the G-Shock‘s 35th Anniversary, Casio has unveiled the Big Bang Black watch collection. The aforementioned watches include the GA-135A-1A, GA-735A-1A, GA-835A-1A, GG-1035A-1A Mudmaster and GW-5035A-1JR, which is released exclusively in Japan.

Each G-Shock Big Bang Black collection sports a matte black finish that integrates a shade of coating with particles into the paint which diffuses light reflection. The particular finish is inspired by the emptiness of the universe. The bright gold on the stainless steel case back represents the huge explosion of the Big Bang. The case back is also engraved with the 35th Anniversary logo designed by the famous graphic artist, Eric Haze. The metal band loops feature an exclusive 35th-anniversary star emblem, while the phrase “SINCE 1983” is included on the dials to represent the birth of G-Shock. Finally, each watch is equipped with a special packaging that comes in a box and a tin.

At the time of writing, the release date for the G-Shock Big Bang Black collection is yet to be confirmed.

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