Chanel Launches Monsieur de Chanel Watch

Chanel Monsieur Watch Debut Chanel Launches Monsieur De Chanel Watch

Monsieur de Chanel, Chanel’s first men’s watch was recently debuted (in Asia.) What’s special about Monsieur is that it was designed and built entirely in-house by Chanel (even the caliber!)

The jumping hour watch features Chanel-made manual-winding mechanical movement, namely the Calibre 1. The 170-component  movement took Chanel 5 years to build. From the outside, Chanel uses retrograde minute and fashion house’s lion emblem on the crown and buckle. All in all, the watch is just beautiful – both on the front and back.

 Chanel Launches Monsieur De Chanel Watch

MonsieurdeChanelwatch 9 Chanel Launches Monsieur De Chanel WatchImage: Hodinkee

“It all started with a desire, a vision, and a drawing. This watch did not exist before, it was dreamt up. Its movement did not exist before. It was designed to bring it alive. Its watchcase did not exist before either. It was created to house it,” said Chanel’s representative. Chanel first entered the watch-making marking in 1987.

There will only be a total of 300 Monsieur de Chanel available in this world – 150 in “Beige Gold” and 150 in white gold.

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