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Waris Ahluwalia Jewellery Designer Turban Waris Ahluwalia

When I first spotted Waris, I thought my eyes were playing tricks with me after being too tired from scanning through the many sparkling pictures I bookmarked from Vogue, Style.com, CFDA and Google Images.

“Did I just saw a man wearing… a turban? ”

That turban reminded me of the beloved Uncle Gurmit (another new name given by me since I don’t know his real name aha) who used to come to my father’s workshop to fix his small motorbike. He’s a shepherd (yes, shepherds still exist in my area in Malaysia) and the mechanical damages were normally caused by heavy-duty lifting to transport his cow milk tanks (and also his own heavy weight, no offend) around town.

In no way I’m pre-conceptionally indicating that Waris is a shepherd, but that’s the second most mind-boggling turban I’ve recently seen after Hanneli Mustapha’s.

So, Waris Ahluwalia is a luxury jewellery designer based in New York, who rose to fame in recent years after nominated for CFDA fashion fund award. I think he is such an interesting man with a witty personality that shines, especially when he speaks:

Q: Do you ever take your turban off?
A: “Yes, when I sleep, shower and sex. Not in that particular order. Also swimming. Oddly all with an “S.”

Something to look up to other than his impressive collections of fine jewellery made from gold, diamond, silver and precious stones, under his label “House of Waris“.

Waris Ahluwalia Interview Waris Ahluwalia

Waris Ahluwalia Jewelry Waris Ahluwalia

Waris was born in India in 1974, and moved to New York when he’s 5. To create his jewellery, he travels around the world looking for the best craftsman and goldsmith, and also collaborated with various artists and other designers. He’s also an actor (well, never saw him on screen though). His profile, stories and how he unintentionally ended up in the jewellery industry are all mentioned on his wiki.

What I love so much about Mr Ahluwalia is his personal style. Apart from his unique turban that cuts through the crowd, his style is a fashion lecture in its own right. The points:

  1. When an item keeps repeating on you, it becomes your personal style (e.g. the turban, his black suits)
  2. Develop something unique that represents you. (E.g. his beard and turban)
  3. Check out suede chukka boots, and wear them
  4. You can wear very minimally yet still look cool
  5. There’s a term called “Punk Maharaja” (of course, only to be used on Waris)

Crawling through the online images repository, I present you Waris’ varies styles below.

In case you need some help in learning how to tie a turban, well I can call Uncle Gurmit up for you. (No I don’t have his number haha.)

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