Neoprene for Men

Neoprene For Men Neoprene For Men

There’s a heavy trend of “Sports Luxe” (dah, Sports + Luxury) going on on the female Fashion Week runway since Spring 2012. Google told me that the trend has been there since forever, but it’s only coming into limelight when the giants put activewear-inspired looks alongside cocktail dresses and men’s suits on the recent runway.

In the men’s department, we’re never short of Sports Luxe – Dolce & Gabbana Gym Collection, EA7 by Emporio Armani, COMME des GARCONS x Nike and many more. For women, there are trainer wedges by Isabel Marant, sports bra by Alexander Wang , PUMA by Hussein Chalayan and the likes, becoming the best-sellers in the stores following the trend.

(By the way, have you seen the uniform of France team in Sochi Winter Olympic 2014? An awesome example of sports luxe by Lacoste).

Dolce Gabbana Gym Collection Neoprene For MenDolce & Gabbana Gym Collection

What I think really took the trend to a greater height and make it very interesting is the technical fabric Neoprene.

As far as I can remember, the first time I heard the word “neoprene”, we were talking about diving, wetsuits and surfing. And the last time I heard the word again, it was when I purchased my Cote & Ciel neoprene laptop sleeve. Neoprene is the rubber-like material made popular by these two.

Neoprene Jennifer Lawrence Hunger Games Wetsuits Neoprene For MenJennifer Lawrence sure makes neoprene looks great

So how Neoprene came out of the water and ended up on runway, subsequently became a fashion item of desire? Could it be the designers finally saw the utilitarian value of neoprene as a fabric of the future? Technically…

  1. Neoprene is water-resistant (water or wine spill? Easy.)
  2. Neoprene is non-flammable (fire in the kitchen? It’s got you covered)
  3. Neoprene holds it shape well (you may ditch the iron because it’s anti-wrinkle, and you may skip the gym because we can’t really see anything under that bulky neoprene top)

If it wasn’t for the above-mentioned functional traits – well, neoprene itself actually makes pretty chic garments.

Neoprene’s rubbery nature creates a very clean silhouette, and when dyed in vibrant colours, they radiate a very classy, chic and futuristic vibe (not to forget sporty). I absolutely love the blue neoprene top on the first picture. More neoprene-inspired looks in the inspiration gallery below.

Given the climate in Malaysia, I wonder if I can survive in a neoprene top / pants running around town, but it won’t stop me from giving neoprene a try. A bright-coloured short-sleeve neoprene top would look perfect over a plain black/white shirt. #Shopping

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