Tattoo Sleeve: 53 Fashionable Ideas

Tattoo Sleeve Gallery Tattoo Sleeve: 53 Fashionable Ideas

As already certified over and over again by female (and male) millennials on the social media, tattoo is one of the top 4 not-so-secret social weapons a man could use (the other 3 being beard, baby and puppy) to bait likes from complete strangers – if not, to induce vaginal explosion – across the globe.

Giphy Tattoo Sleeve: 53 Fashionable Ideas

But that’s not to say enjoying explosion and the occasional female gazes justifies the decision to get a tattoo (although we don’t judge,) because we don’t do tattoo for reasons that involve explosives. Instead, we do it for the money it’s all about genuinely loving the inked art and its coolness (or dude-ness) when it’s not documenting something/someone special in thou lives.

Google Tattoo Removal Tattoo Sleeve: 53 Fashionable IdeasWhat? There’re more people searching for removal than ideas?

While you’re still toying with the question of “to be or not to be” (or “where” to be,) #TeamMayo has been out conducting a research. In fact, the result is now out and we hereby concluded that tattoo sleeve is the most popular tattoo spots of the moment.

If that didn’t just help you settle the aforementioned “to be” question, you could use more inspiration. Right this way: we have handpicked 53 most fashionable tattoo sleeves to get you inspired before going under the needle:

Tattoo Sleeve 27 Sanskrit Tattoo Sleeve: 53 Fashionable Ideas

Tattoo Sleeve 1 Ray Of Light Horses Model Weston Boucher By Marissa Boucher Tattoo Sleeve: 53 Fashionable IdeasRay of Light & Horse: Male Model Weston Boucher by Marissa Boucher
Tattoo Sleeve 53 Deer Tattoo Sleeve: 53 Fashionable IdeasDeer illustration
Tattoo Sleeve 52 Abstract Illustration Tattoo Sleeve: 53 Fashionable IdeasAbstract illustration
Tattoo Sleeve 51 Names Of Your Loved Ones Tattoo Sleeve: 53 Fashionable IdeasNames of your loved ones. The baby’s name is Ashtyn
Tattoo Sleeve 50 Classic Art Gustav Klimt The Kiss Tattoo Sleeve: 53 Fashionable IdeasClassic art – The Kiss by Gustav Klimt
Tattoo Sleeve 49 Insects Tattoo Sleeve: 53 Fashionable IdeasInsects
Solar SystemSolar System
Thunder & rocketThunder & rocket
Dagger & RosesDagger & Roses
Famous facesFamous faces
Graduated armbandsGraduated armbands
Geometric webGeometric web
Linework geometric mandalaLinework geometric mandala
Matching geometry sleevesMatching geometry sleeves
Photographer Douglas Friedman's hearts and koi fishPhotographer Douglas Friedman’s hearts and koi fish
Bird, roses, featherBird, roses, feather
Tattoo in SanskritTattoo in Sanskrit
Spider WebSpider Web
Polynesian sleevePolynesian sleeve
Musical notes, bar lines & rosesMusical notes, bar lines & roses
Dan Osborne's Michael JacksonDan Osborne’s Michael Jackson
Woman's faceWoman’s face
Oriental vibeOriental vibe
Left: Forest. Right: Sea GoddessLeft: Forest. Right: Sea Goddess
Japanese-styled ocean waveJapanese-styled ocean wave
Viking tattoo sleeve by tattoo artist Peter MadsenViking tattoo sleeve by tattoo artist Peter Madsen
Assorted cartoonsAssorted cartoons
Sea waveSea wave
Tarot cards on model Andre Hamann's sleeveTarot cards on model Andre Hamann’s sleeve
Gothic Marilyn MonroeGothic Marilyn Monroe
Connected shoulder, chest and sleeve tattoo pieceConnected shoulder, chest and sleeve tattoo piece
Flying Swallows on ShouldersFlying Swallows on Shoulders
Japanese traditional tattoo IrezumiJapanese traditional tattoo Irezumi
Wear Queen Elizabeth on your sleeveWear Queen Elizabeth on your sleeve
Geometry tattoo extended to sleevesGeometry tattoo extended to sleeves
Line wave tattoo by tattoo artist Chaim MachlevLine wave tattoo by tattoo artist Chaim Machlev
Sleeve with rosesSleeve with roses
Germany model Daniel Boos' Geometry tattooGermany model Daniel Boos’ Geometry tattoo
Mandala tattooMandala tattoo
English Rugby footballer Stuart Reardon and his tribal tattoo sleeveEnglish Rugby footballer Stuart Reardon and his tribal tattoo sleeve
Line sleeve tattooLine sleeve tattoo
Skulls and rosesSkulls and roses

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