Style Inspiration: Translucent Frames, Clear Frames

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Translucent frames reminded me a lot of my childhood sweetheart who used to wear a pair of pink translucent frame back in the second grade. They also reminded me of the talented Marc Jacobs back in the pre-2007 days:

Marc Jacobs Before And After Style Inspiration: Translucent Frames, Clear FramesBefore After Marc Jacobs Style Inspiration: Translucent Frames, Clear Frames

Not sure what motivated you, Mr Jacobs, but your transformation was astonishing. Was it Spongebob? Was it love? Or, was it actually the translucent frames that have been keeping you feeling comfortable with yourself, that you’re not motivated to become what the public would label as a “hot guy” designer and a darling of the camera (like Tom Ford)? (Hence we also call it “Tom-fordized” Jacobs.)

Having asked that, it doesn’t mean translucent frames will stop your personal/dating life from harvesting happiness, our fellow Mayo Town citizens.

Translucent frames and clear frames come in different styles, colours and designs. Even semi-translucent, if you will. As the title suggested, they can be a part of your wardrobe because A) Transparency looks great on anyone and any skin colour (duh, they are transparent!) B) They’re IN now, and if my childhood sweetheart could rock them 20 years ago, you can rock them 20 years later – talk about classic and longevity, and C) Maybe it’s time for your tortoise shell and black frame to take a rest. Maybe it’s time for your #GQ hashtag to take a rest too. You have an alternative right here.

With each of our sartorial proposal comes this very question in your mind (we just know): How would I look in them? What is Max thinking? Who would wear this Scybala? 

We figured, and so we cooked up a gallery of inspirations featuring stylish men wearing various styles of translucent frames for your reference. Retro chic and geek chic, I tell ya.

My question: Would you? Would I? Yes.

350 Style Inspiration: Translucent Frames, Clear Frames

Images by Tumblr

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