Style Inspiration: The Mod Culture & Fashion

Mod Culture Fashion Gallery Style Inspiration: The Mod Culture & Fashion

Born in the 80’s, my idea of how 60’s was like definitely is shaky compared to those who’ve lived through the era. But I do know I love a lot of things from that cultural decade, and the best that came out has to be the mod culture.

Unlike Hip Hop and Punk Rock, the mod culture was considerably a short-lived movement, but its influence still lingers in today’s music and fashion world. You can still see its shadow in Dior Homme suits by Hedi Slimane, and the skinny suit trend in the Korean pop fashion.

Here’s the video I came across that inspired this post:

[vimeo link=”″ width=”580″ height=”332″]

The mod subculture was born as a way of the young people in England to rebuke the seemingly dull and old-fashioned British culture, back in the 60’s. It’s started in London, with a new generation of young British men who’ve learned to enjoy life more than their parents and the generations before. They were called “the modernists” (hence the name “Mod”) or in some more memorable terms, “vapid, fashion-obsessed hedonists“.

Living in a more prosperous post-war Britain, the mods strived to be “cool, sharp and smart” by becoming more style-conscious than ever. They love to indulge in modern jazz, ska and R&B (not the R&B you know today), obsessed with everything French and Italian (especially fashion and tailored suits) and enjoy riding their super flashy scooter or vespa. And when they’re not riding, the most common place to find them were coffee bars.

Mod Culture Fashion Vintage Style Inspiration: The Mod Culture & FashionIt’s hard not to notice them at night with those headlights

Mod Fashion Sixties Style Inspiration: The Mod Culture & Fashion

To my surprise, the counter-culture of mod is rock culture. In the eyes of Rockers, Mod’s style was considered feminine and for “pretty boys”, a contrast to their manly, dirty and tough biker image. They hate each other back then (there’s even an unfortunate fight in 1964 between these 2 subculture).

Mod Rocker Clash Fight Brighton 1964 Style Inspiration: The Mod Culture & FashionMods & Rockers clash fight at the Brighton Beach, 1964

Considering I never fond of rock music, there’s high possibility I might be one riding the flashy scooter if I were born in the 60’s.

So how does the Mod culture related to today’s menswear and style, and to you?

Designers have been reviving the mod fashion on runway by introducing slimmer silhouette and skinny fit in recent years. The trend was popularised by the pop culture and major fashion labels after the 60’s. (In contrast, remember the boxy 80’s?)

The characteristics of mod fashion were brought forward and reinvented, which many of them are reinterpreted as “stylish” in today’s menswear:

  • Custom tailored slim-fitting suit. Everything slim fit.
  • Skinny lapel and skinny tie
  • Polo shirts & slim cut jeans
  • Bold color and plain socks
  • Oxford shoes
  • Peacoat and Trench Coats
  • Suspenders
  • Amazing classic/retro short hair

There’s a large pool of menswear enthusiasts today share the same love for them. You might have been loving the mod style but you just don’t realised it. Do you?

Here’s a gallery of mod-inspired imagery that I found inspirational:

60s Mod Men Style Style Inspiration: The Mod Culture & Fashion

Dean Chalkley Mod Photo Fashion Style Inspiration: The Mod Culture & Fashion

Dior Homme Mod Fashion Style Inspiration: The Mod Culture & Fashion

Hedi Slimane Mod Fashion Style Inspiration: The Mod Culture & Fashion

Malaysia Mod The Garment Culture Fashion Group Style Inspiration: The Mod Culture & FashionMod Scene in Malaysia

LOOK MASC 13 PANT PESQUEROS Style Inspiration: The Mod Culture & Fashion








Phil Poynter Mods Vogue Italia 1

Phil Poynter Mods Vogue Italia 2

Phil Poynter Mods Vogue Italia 3

Phil Poynter Mods Vogue Italia 4

Style: "Day Two (From Shot 12 - Frame 44)"


The New Face Exhibition 1

The New Face Exhibition 2





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