Style Inspiration: Monochromatic

Style Monochromatic Menswear Trend Style Inspiration: Monochromatic

What other colour-related trend is gaining popularity alongside colour blocking? It has to be: monochromatic.

Monochromatic has always been a classic dressing style in fashion, and it is  most commonly done with black and white. With the trending of bolder and brighter colours in recent fashion trends, designers and tastemakers took it up a notch with colourful monochromatic outfits.

Truth to tell, not many people would buy a set of clothing under the same colour purposely all at the same time just to create the monochromatic look. It’s be a great styling idea when you happened to have clothes that fall under the similar shades.

In my case, I have enough pieces to try the black-and-gray monochromatic look, and I’m looking forward to create more colourful monochromatic outfits in the future. Here’s a gallery of my inspiration.

Yay or Nay? Tell us what you think about this trend. 🙂

White Monochrome Style Inspiration: Monochromatic

All Black Monochrome Style Inspiration: Monochromatic

Beige Earth Monochromatic Style Inspiration: Monochromatic

Blue Monochrome Style Inspiration: Monochromatic

Camel Monochromatic Trend Style Inspiration: Monochromatic

Carlos Campos Fall Winter 2013 Mens Style Inspiration: Monochromatic

Carven Blue Monochrome Style Inspiration: Monochromatic

Gray Monochromatic Shorts Style Inspiration: Monochromatic

Green Monochrome Style Inspiration: Monochromatic
















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  • boyboy

    HI found your blog yesterday from the nuffnang featured blogger page.
    I love the monochrome trend! nv thought this trend on guys will looks so great.
    Just out of curiosity (I’m not a fashion/trend person) do you think this trend will fade out in a fast mode or it will never go out of date?

    • I think it’ll never go out of style. Just like how the classic all-black look never feel old. 🙂