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There’s something about my shaggy-dog eyes that make people think I’m good.

So shaggy that they emit gaze capable of piercing through your contact lenses, passing through your eyes right to your soul while candy-coated in a Hey-Girl aura every time they face the camera, just like the one captured above.

Your visual memory is correct when it said the person above wasn’t me but the legendary Steve McQueen. And that I’m quoting his words at the first line. For the record, I have the opposite of shaggy-dog eyes. How about shaven-cat eye?#BestSelfDescription

On behalf of the shaven-cat-eyed team: Happy Belated 84th birthday, Mr McQueen!

Steve Mcqueen Style Gallery 22 The Steve McQueen Style

Although sharing the same surname with Alexander McQueen but not sharing the same bloodline, both McQueens shares the same unfortunate fate at a rather young age – Steve died of lung cancer at 50, while Alexander committed suicide at 40.

One great similarity that connects the movie star and the ultra-talented fashion designer is how much these two profiles weighted and left marks in the fashion history. If Mr Steve were still alive today, I’m pretty sure he’d receive a CFDA Fashion Icon award (this year’s goes to Rihanna) and make a Vogue cover that no one would scream “Sell Out” like Kimye Vogue cover.

Born to a young prostitute mother (and barely knew his father), McQueen’s story of becoming a Hollywood superstar is the epitome of the American dream. From a wild kid to a Marine, oil-field laborer, lumberjack to various odd jobs that he’s taken, McQueen finally decided to become a great actor by joining an acting school at 22, followed by his break-through role on the TV series “Wanted: Dead or Alive” (watch).

McQueen garnered fans and the love of the public thereafter, and his off-screen style and fashion sense described as masculine, minimalistic and Hollywood-iconic started to shine. He later earned “the King of Cool” mantle, partly thanks to his love for manly motor race and automobile fun.

Steve Mcqueen Style Gallery 4 The Steve McQueen Style

A moment of self-reflection: How much masculinity do we still see in today’s trending men’s fashion? How much masculinity a stylish male wears behind his everyday perfectly coordinated layers of favourite pieces, designer beard, tie and suit? When episode 24 of Teen Wolf will be available on my favourite (well if you understand Chinese)?

In celebrating the birthday of King of Cool, I urge you to get inspired and take cue on masculinity channeled so well by Mr McQueen through this series of on and off-screen still moments of his life.

Dropping another McQueen’s quote: “I don’t believe in that phony hero stuff.”

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