Very Classy: 5 Shoe Care Gifts for Men

Looking for gift ideas for sneaker head? Shoe lovers? Menswear enthusiast? These selections will be perfect for them:

Gift Idea Saphir Shoeshine Starter Kit Very Classy: 5 Shoe Care Gifts For Men

Saphir Shoeshine Starter Kit is the complete package of everything a man needs in taking care of his leather shoes. It makes a perfect gift for men who’re new to leather shoe cares, as well as those experienced ones who’re looking to upgrade their shoe care tools. It also comes with a shoe shine valet.

Saphir Shoeshine Starter Kit, $210

Gift Idea Shoe Care Jason Markk Set Very Classy: 5 Shoe Care Gifts For Men

Jason Markk is a favourite among the sneaker heads, and many swear by the brand. It works on leather, as well as canvas and suede. I’m using it to take care of my white leather Common Projects.

Jason Markk Holiday Box Set, $60

 Gift Ideas Shoe Care Shinola Very Classy: 5 Shoe Care Gifts For Men

Detroit-based Shinola makes a lot of things – from watches, bicycles to leather goods – and great leather care products is one of them.

Shinola Leather Care Travel Kit, $195

Gift Idea Brooks Brother Cedar Shoe Tree Very Classy: 5 Shoe Care Gifts For Men

Shoe tree isn’t just for the traditional leather shoes as many sneaker heads also use it to maintain the shape of the sneakers and to prevent toe crease.

J.M. Weston Shoe Tree, $116 Brooks Brothers Cedar Shoe Tree, $28

Gift Idea Shoe Horn Very Classy: 5 Shoe Care Gifts For Men

Using a shoe horn is one of the important tips in preserving the longevity of your shoes. Many people tend to use finger, or simply by “stomping” the ground to force their foot in when putting their shoes on. Using a shoe horn is the more elegant and less-damaging way as it helps you to slide your foot in smoothly.

Abbeyhorn Shoe Horn, $95 Lifestyle Shoe Horn, $19

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