Buscemi: New Player in Luxury Sneakers Game

Buscemi New Player In Luxury Sneakers Game Buscemi: New Player In Luxury Sneakers Game

You may have read about the name in our Daily Read – the new and always out-of-stock luxury sneaker brand that managed to break into the already dense sneaker market.

We attribute the success of Jon Buscemi sneakers to the magic of “exclusiveness”, but we must say the USD800 sneakers do come in a very luxurious design that reminds us of another well-known bag: Birkin.

Who can resist a pair of sneakers with Birkin-ish padlocks?
(We know you can, but still.) #coveted

On the other hand, my first impression: “Why are these sneakers looking like luxury bags?

With a branding tagline that says “Obnoxiously High Quality,” we can’t aspect anything less in the craftsmanship: the leather sneakers are made in Italy, with the leathers handpicked by Buscemi from a tannery that also supplies to other luxury brands e.g. Chanel, Prada and Il Bisonte.

[vimeo link=”http://vimeo.com/92948869″ width=”600″ height=”340″]

To that we say: We want Buscemi 100MM in White (the first picture.) Want to buy yours? Hold your horses pal, because all sneakers are out of stock currently.

Images by BUSCEMI and SneakerFreaker.com

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