Style Inspiration: Paisley

Paisley Fashion Trend Men Style Inspiration: Paisley

Seeing paisley pattern always brings back my childhood nostalgia. As a small child near the end of 80’s, I remember seeing piles of paisley fabric beside my mother’s vintage Singer® sewing machine (she’s a casual dressmaker back then.)

Paisley was everywhere from dress shirts to our sofa cushion covers, and I’m not sure if it’s a trend or just her sartorial favourite during that period. This early encounter with paisley left me with the impression that paisley is very vintage, kind of old and matured.

Dark Paisley Tie Men Style Fashion Style Inspiration: Paisley

Different from the generic floral pattern, paisley pattern features droplet-shaped vegetable motif, which is originally called boteh in the ancient Aryan. The early design of paisley was culturally influenced by China, Middle East and India, and it has went through iterations and evolution to become the paisley you see today.

Paisley History Josephine Jean Antoine Gros Style Inspiration: PaisleyEarly sighting of Paisley in the West: Josephine Tasher de la Pagerie (1763-1814) Empress of France, 1808 (oil on canvas) by painter Gros, Baron Antoine Jean (1771-1835)

Well, let’s just say I have a different perspective on paisley now, and that’s maybe because I’m finally old enough to want to see myself in it. Like camouflage, paisley is getting a lot of  attention this year, and you can notice its influence in the recent fashion collections by some of the big designers.

Here’s a collection of inspiration on how you can incorporate paisley into your wardrobe:

Paisley Shirt Under Tee Style Inspiration: Paisley

Calliope Ss 2013 Paisley Men Style Inspiration: Paisley

Ties The Knize Paisley Knot Style Inspiration: Paisley

Luciano Barbera Paisley Tie Style Inspiration: Paisley

Men Paisley Shirt Style Inspiration: Paisley

Paisley Tie Striped Shirt Brown Suit Style Inspiration: Paisley

Gold Paisley Tie Style Inspiration: Paisley

Green Paisley Shirt for Men

Dark Paisley Pattern

Vintage Paisley Pocket Square

Colorful Paisley Pocket Square

Paisley Tie on White Shirt

Harrods Paisley Silk Tie in Blue

Purple Paisley

Paisley Pants for Men

Matthew Zorpas in Gold Paisley Pants

ZARA Men Paisley Pants

Summer Paisley Scarf Men

Givenchy 2013 Paisley Shirt Men

Givenchy Paisley Bomber Jacket

Etro SS2013 Paisley Suit

Clement & Church Paisley #1

Clement & Church Paisley #2

Clement & Church Paisley #3

Sebastian Sauve for SoPopular FW 2012, Paisley

Canali FW 2013 Paisley

J W Anderson Paisley Shirt

Brioni SS2012 Paisley Shirt

Brioni SS2012 Paisley Shorts

Brioni SS2012 Paisley Scaf Men

Brioni SS2012 Paisley Scarf

What’s your take on paisley? I hope you’re inspired. 🙂

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  • Keshia Sequoyah

    Just wondering… who makes the green paisley shirt- eighth one down…. (the one with the round bone colored sunglasses, and white belt with brown leather detailing…)?