New Fashion Biopic: Saint Laurent

Saint Laurent Biopic The Movie New Fashion Biopic: Saint Laurent

 New Fashion Biopic: Saint Laurent

This is always a time for everything. And this time, it is to learn how to exactly pronounce the name “Yves Saint Laurent” as the name, I believe, will be repeatedly being called in the new biopic movie “Saint Laurent.” And that’s your chance, fellas.

More than anything else included in the biopic, I’m interested to see how YSL started out in the business; how he then found the je ne sais quoi for the legendary label AND subsequently built an empire out of it.

In any case, wouldn’t you be interested to know the who and the what before the renamed YSL that eventually added up to the MYR16,000 price tag of this Saint Laurent Black and White Check Walt Jabsco Biker Jacket? (I just silently read the jacket’s name twice just so I got it right and did no shame to Monsieur Laurent personally.)

This would probably become my favourite biopic after Coco Before Chanel (2009) and Jobs All About Steve iSteve.

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