Minimally Floral

When I wrote about my new found love for minimalism (especially when I mentioned getting something “not too flashy and shiny in design,”) my minimalist purist friends (or maybe Fredrik) must have rolled their eyes so hard that they could see their own brains.

Because you know, I have this unwavering loyalty for floral prints. And complicated prints is an antithesis of minimalist‎.‎

You won’t see me wearing full-on prints nowadays, but you still can expect small floral surprises in accessories and shoes (or maybe pants,) such as the document case in the pictures today.

I bought this AMI floral document case 2 years ago. (I don’t think it’s available for sale now.) It’s been my all-purpuse laptop sleeve. Take a closer look and you’ll see that print is in fact more “tropical” than floral.

Floral, or just about any prints, makes a great companion in visual styling. It jazzes up any outfit by giving it a focal point. (Imagine painting a red dot on a white canvas.) It’s an old school styling tip that never gets old – a style I often exploit with the combination of basic colours and prints. In real life, I can “reuse” this floral case over and over again because it works with my entire wardrobe, which is made up of mostly basic, neutral or muted colours.

So, do you like to wear flowers?

In the picture: Rayban Chris Velvet, Acne Studios cotton sweatshirt, David Naman geometric trousers and Common Projects sneakers.

Photographer: We Freeze

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  • super gorgeous visuals, max!! loving this piece a lot, the blue, the simple silhouette and pants, and that pop of prints to achieve exactly what you said here.

    I am personally not a floral or print type of person but I do like a little touch of them though. I guess with the current financial climate, it is more and more crucial to invest in pieces like this one that can be reuse again and again to style it with other things in the wardrobe, it only make good sense *_^ Like they say, buy less but focus more on quality (though at times can be hard, as it may usually equate to pricy).

    awesome styling post! Looking forward for more *_^

    with love,
    Jeann | LUMINNEJ