Milan Street Style Summarised & A Question About Trying Too Hard

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It’s Saturday! Weekend! What’s better time to get yourself inspired, your eyes refreshed, and your heart lightened with some visual arts fresh out of the cameras of the street-style stalkers?

Fine. I admit I didn’t do it just for you. Well, I actually enjoy captioning street style photos.

Since we’re talking about street style, there’s a question which has been circulating in my brain for quite some time, especially now that it’s fashion week season:

Do I sometimes try too hard to want to dress stylishly because… I write about fashion?

Do I? Or, do you? The floor is open for confessions.

I think fashion industry is a very visual industry. If you’re a style blogger, your visibility on the Internet (e.g. pictures of you captured by street style photographers, which will eventually end up circulating on the Internet) can be everything, or at least a part of where your sponsorship and site traffic come from, or a platform where your popularity is built upon.

In the case of street style photos, the subjects do know it’s fashion week. And they do know there are photographers everywhere. It may be naive to ask this: Are some of the “street style” even organic nowadays?

If you’ve been following this blog for quite some time, you might know I did not set out to become a style blogger from the start, but still… what is my verse? (Stealing Apple’s latest commercial idea. Sue me.) Where do I stand in answering the above-mentioned question?

Maybe that’s part of the growing pain of my sartorial journey and self-discovery. Or maybe, I’m not even trying hard enough!

All in all, it’s fashion. So, HAVE FUN! Get clicky on the gallery above. (Magnify the images to see the details.) Hope you get sartorially inspired.


Images from WWD, GQ,

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