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Ok, maybe not 100% right considering leather jacket was never on my inspiration radar until recently. How about… 80%?

Leather jacket has always been a regular on many wardrobe-essentials list across the globe, but it’s quite a rare sight to see men in leather jacket here. Given the mostly hot and humid weather in South-East Asia, it isn’t a very versatile (and popular) clothing choice in the eyes of many men, especially for those who spend a lot of time being outside of air-conditioned premises.

In fact, I don’t think leather jacket makes us sweat THAT much. Just like suits and blazer, there are also leather jackets made with different types of material and lining for better breathability (or at least breathable), and the comfort level depends on your choice and how you’re going to wear it.

I wasn’t the biggest fan of leather jackets back then. They always remind me of Harley, and I couldn’t imagine myself in leather jacket without looking like this:

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I hardly can stand Rock music (except when you’re talking about Freddie Mercury and his champion songs). But later, it occurred to me that I don’t have to look like that. I can look like this:

GQ FRANCE — SEPTEMBER 2011 Leather Jacket Fashion Web Style Inspiration: Leather JacketImage by GQ France Sept 2011

Or this:

Gq Nyfw35 Style Inspiration: Leather JacketImage by GQ

Voilà. Tres chic! And there goes another unfilled placeholder on my shopping resolution list (I’m still not yet over with this resolution thing hahaha)

Same like for suit and other types of jackets, it’s still about wearing the one that really fits. But in the case of leather jacket, I’ve learned that you should always try a size smaller than you think you need. If you’re going for a casual chic and sleek look, nothing should be too big, too long or too wide. And I think zippers looks so much better than buttons on a leather jacket.

Here are the images convincing me that I should really have one inside my wardrobe. How about you? Do you have one or have you always wanted to try leather jacket?

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