If you don’t already know, I’m a Malaysia-born Chinese who can read, write and speak fluently in Chinese Mandarin.

Here’s another thing you most likely don’t know about me: I’m half Chinese and half Thai. That explains why I don’t look Chinese in the eyes of many Chinese. (I get “Malay”, “Indonesian” and “Filipino” a lot, even “Mexican” once!) But despite my oriental bloodline, I consider myself a “banana.” (Yellow on the outside, white inside.)

I digress.

Me and my family celebrate Chinese New Year every year just like many other Chinese in the world. This cheongsam in the picture was bought 2 years ago from a local boutique called “Chinatown Classic“. I wore it once and I haven’t gotten a chance to wear it again until this year. I guess it’d be interesting to show you how cheongsam looks like in real life and how you can style a cheongsam, given that it’s kind of difficult to find real-life pictures of men in cheongsam on the Internet. (Most of them are either product photos or wedding pictures.) You don’t normally get to see them on street style blogs too.

Instead of the traditional pants and leather shoes, I paired my red cheongsam with white Uniqlo jeans (love this similar one by Officine Generale here) and my favourite white Common Projects to make a minimal yet strong visual contrast of Red/White combo. (As you can see, I’m still very much in love with white, haha!) I’d bring along my Louis Vuitton Orsay murse if I’m carrying many stuff. (More murse here.)

I’m also wearing prescription Rayban Chris Velvet and I love this frame!

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  • hahaha I didn’t know you are half Thai, my friend *_^ Interesting piece of information!

    I love this look, simple yet memorable. yes, I do have to agree with you, max, one can hardly see someone in cheongsam these days, unless special occasions like CNY or something. I also see the point you mean by digressing. I feel the same way with myself and my own Chinese roots.

    Even celebrating CNY is so different now compared to last time while I was growing up in small town back in Kelantan… I guess, I lost touch with my Chinese roots more and more as the years go by. Sad but true.

    I love that how this traditional outfit made modern by just some simple pairing like a ray ban. aaahhhh I don’t quite like LV personally but I would carry something from Burberry or Bottega Venetta anytime… or even Dior perhaps. But for now, I am happy with my little pink “brandless” handbag or pouch *_^ Life can be all about luxury but not necessary about owning everything of them, I come to appreciate beauty more this way by admiring them from afar. Can be more fun that way, haha.

    Happy to see more and more of you on the blog now. I am still trying to overcome this fear in me to be in front of camera!! believe it or not

    with love,
    Jeann | LUMINNEJ