Malaysia Street Style @ KLFW & The Photographers #klfw

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The above street style were shot by Nicholas Ng at GarbageLapsap and Juan Che Nuddin at JuanTheGarage during KL Fashion Week. They are the two Malaysian street style photographer acquaintances whom I got to know through blogging.

Nicholas is a manager at Esquire, and his blog and shots have been featured in many local and international publications from Korea, China to The New Yorker. Every time when I see him at events, I can’t help but to be amazed, and then sigh: OMG, I really wish I could afford his wardrobe! Nicholas Ng Garbagelapsap Malaysia Street Style @ KLFW & The Photographers #klfw

“Malaysians generally dress simply because of the hot weather. But style is in our genes, even if it’s a subtler take on everyday fashion. Personality is very important to a person’s style. With the pictures in Garbagelapsap, it’s not just about how fashionable a person is, but how that person carries fashion.”
– Nicholas Ng on The New Yorker

Juan Che Nuddin Juanthegarage Malaysia Street Style @ KLFW & The Photographers #klfw

On the other hand, the shy Juan is a paramedic when he’s not shooting. His works were recently featured on Elle magazine.

Moving on, get clicky on the gallery above and see how we Malaysian do street style the Malaysian way. (Side note: majority of the subjects this round are female though.)

DO STALK our very own street style photographers for fresh goodie:

@juanthegarage | @garbagelapsap

All images by Nicholas Ng & Juan Che Nuddin / Also stolen from

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