Zara AW2014, Zara vs H&M?

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Do you know Zara’s Autumn/Winter 2014 collection is already out on their website? If you don’t, check out the campaign ads above to catch a glimpse, and then head over to see each piece in details.

What really interested me in the collection wasn’t really the collection. It was the campaign video that fascinated me:

 Zara AW2014, Zara Vs H&M?

Very calm, groovy and hypnotic, it features Daisuke Ueda, one of the top Asian faces. Not to forget another familiar face, Benjamin Eidem. And the hypnotic song. I need to find out who it is! The down-tempo hypnotic song is “Pyre” by Son Lux from the album “Lanterns.” MAJOR LATE-NIGHT GROOVING MATERIAL DETECTED.

Instead of saying “I love the whole collection,” I say I only really want to touch, feel and perhaps buy the Neoprene Trench coat and the Coat with knitting details.

On the other hand, I realised I have a tendency to always root for Zara when it comes to fast fashion. Maybe, it’s because I believe in Zara’s ability to make good fast-fashion that really looks “fashion cool.”

While Zara may be priced a little higher than H&M in general, I think Zara do a better job balancing the pricing and quality while maintaining the “fashion-insider” kind of edginess. In comparison, H&M looks a little too “mass-produced” or “mass fashion” at times. Perhaps, it only happens seasonally.

But then again, what’s fast fashion without being mass-produced? You see, instead of taking it as a self-conflicting situation, I’d say there are different types of fast fashion ideology, and that these two fast fashion brands pursue a different direction.

Do you remember the H&M collaborations with high-end designers? Lanvin, Isabel Marant, Margiela?

Next question: Do you remember (or ever heard) any Zara collaboration?

That is probably a very obvious testament to their difference in identity.

Putting my thoughts into a visual:

Zara Vs Hm Zara AW2014, Zara Vs H&M?Zara vs H&M

In other words, Zara puts “fashion” into “fast fashion”, H&M puts “fast” into “fast fashion.”

Do you think so?

But of course, I love you as long as you can make me take out my credit card. Tee hee.

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