Zakwan Anuar Fall/Winter 2014 #klfw

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Security” was the theme du jour at Zakwan Anuar’s Fall/Winter 2014 show on Day 2 of KL Fashion Week. Anuar drew inspiration from police raincoat, and as usual – the masculinity, which has always been a part of his signature minimalistic, luxe and masculine design style.

Compared to his debut menswear looks introduced during Fall/Winter 2013 runway, there was significantly less sign of burgundy, or any other brighter colour except gray, earthy brown and dark navy on his prominently black canvas. The influence of streetwear and the use of elastic fabric (ala Neoprene) and high gloss fabric can be seen through out the collection, especially in the looks which also tugged our heartstrings below:

Zakwan Anuar Klfw Fw 2014 Look 14 Zakwan Anuar Fall/Winter 2014 #klfw

Zakwan Anuar Klfw Fw 2014 Look 24 Zakwan Anuar Fall/Winter 2014 #klfw

Stretchable wool. We especially LOVE these two tops. They are also gun-in-mouth chic.

Zakwan Anuar Klfw Fw 2014 Look 23 Zakwan Anuar Fall/Winter 2014 #klfw

Zakwan Anuar Klfw Fw 2014 Look 6 Zakwan Anuar Fall/Winter 2014 #klfw

High gloss. It’s Anuar’s first experience with these fabrics. Not to miss the fluid tailoring on those loose pants, and the minimal accessorising with low hanging necklace:

Zakwan Anuar Klfw Fw 2014 Accessory Zakwan Anuar Fall/Winter 2014 #klfw

For more information on the collection and latest updates from Anuar:

If you’d love to shop or get up close with the pieces, do drop by:

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