Brand Watch: Marcelo Burlon

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To say Marcelo Burlon’s “County of Milan” is a label that rose from nothing to something isn’t exactly true. Dabbled in fashion PR, DJ-ing and organising cool parties for giants like Versace, Salvatore Ferragamo and Chanel for more than 10 years, Burlon is no stranger to the fashion scene. In fact, we can say he is a very well-connected insider.

He has been a very close friend of Riccardo Tisci, the reigning designer of Givenchy even before Tisci accepted the throne.

MARCELO BURLON GREY CROSS Brand Watch: Marcelo BurlonMarcelo Burlon, wearing his label’s logo Grey Cross

A quick biography of Burlon: Born in Argentina, Burlon is of Italian and Lebanon descent. He started her career as a club promoter, and then slowly worked his way up to building a company called “Marcelo Burlon Enterprise,” an event/PR company.

Multi-tasking seems to be in his nature: he’s also the Editor-in-Chief of Rodeo Magazine, founder of infamous nightclub Pink is Punk, a stylist and also a consultant.

And why exactly we’re talking about him today?

Firstly, his label has just debuted the first runway collection (SS2015) this year at Pitti Uomo. (And thus fell into our vicinity, naturally.) It was quite a show:

 Brand Watch: Marcelo Burlon

Secondly, I simply love this man, and secretly named him my master/mentor after I read this part from an early interview:

Interviewer: How can you handle being a PR, DJ, Stylist, Event Manager, Magazine Director and sometimes guest contributor, all at the same time?

Marcelo: Yoga. No alcohol. No heavy drugs. I like to have a very simple life. No drama, no stress.

A DJ / fashion PR who does Yoga, drinks no alcohol and likes to have a simple and tranquil life? REALLY?

Sir, you’re my Zen Master. (If you’re reading this Mr Burlon, CALL ME.)

Thirdly, and most importantly, his premium t-shirt line.

When I looked at some of the shirts, I felt like I’m looking at unicorns. (I assume the feeling of looking at unicorns is not far from a good mix of surprise, excitement, colourful joy that makes you smile in front of the computer screen for no specific reason, and the longing to want to ride own them.)

Truth to tell, I never like unicorn / tee with big graphic prints (unless it’s floral) / hip-hop themed pieces, but Burlon’ tee kind of swayed me. (He inspired me to want to design stuff too, you know.)

Marcelo Burlon Bird Prints Brand Watch: Marcelo Burlon Marcelo Burlon Bird Prints 2 Brand Watch: Marcelo Burlon

Cue the picks above – the “prints around neck” is my absolute favourite. They have the right amount of prints. It keeps the shirts hip, yet still elegant and luxurious. (Too much of those prints can render a piece difficult to wear in terms of my closet, as I’m not a hip-hopper but more of a blazer guy.)

A MB shirt starts at around Euro 175.

Do you love his style? One commenter on HypeBeast: “Marcelo Burlon wants to be a nigga so bad lmao.”

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