How Do Men Do Arm Party? #ArmParty

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The answer simply lies on your guest list for the party. The list will of course be gentlemen-only, and you may actually reuse the one that you came up for your best friend’s bachelor party last year.

In other literal words: cover your arms/wrists with very manly bracelets, watches, beads, watches, bangles, chains, cuffs & etc. That’s how.

“That’s already quite a long list. Where should I stop in terms of quantity?” The menswear style connoisseurs would say “less is more”, and that a true man shouldn’t wear too much accessories or you’ll risk looking like you’re trying too hard (or looking like Leandra‘s arms)

My semi-OOTD included at the beginning of the above gallery says: Just wear as many as you like.

One of my friends asked me on Facebook, “Is it convenient to work with arm party on like that?” To which I answered “Very useful at work”, with an attachment in the reply that further illustrates my point besides disclosing one of my favourite movies:

Men Arm Party Maxmayo How Do Men Do Arm Party? #ArmParty

He is my spirit animal.

But if you’re working in the F&B industry, DON’T. Getting an extra bead in my pancake is different from getting a free size upgrade at Starbucks because a bead can choke me. #lol

* More inspiration and materials included in the gallery to get your own Arm Party started.

** On my #ArmParty guest list: Silver bangle, beads, watch by Casio and leather bracelets from assorted brands.

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