Happy Socks Gone Rouge

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Not particularly talking about the Happy Socks based in Sweden (but they do have amazing collection of socks. An exact epitome of today’s post. CHECK THEM OUT.) happy socks in today’s context means colourful, whimsical and possibly offensive socks.

Why offensive?

(Once upon a time…)

Me: (Gone sockless with a leather monk-straps. In office.)
Her: Hey, why are you not wearing socks today? You look funny.
Me: Ok…

(The next day…)

Me: (Took note on the previous day’s advice. Wearing a pair of bright red socks. In office.)
Her: Hey, your socks are so red! Why are you wearing such a bright pair of socks? You look funny and your socks are distracting me from my work.

(The next, next day…)

Me: (Received an email in my inbox with subject “RE: Office Etiquette” from HR.)

JOKING on the email part. But the initial idea was to stop her from making comments with those red socks, like the red light that stops you at the junction. #CounterProductive

As you can see, happy socks can be easily incorporated into your wardrobe and they are not as confusing + mind-boggling as Karl Lagerfeld’s quotes. Cheerful socks make a man happy. George H.W. Bush loves it. Mdm Condoleezza Rice loves it. (Cue: picture #6.) Being happy is FOREVER a hot trend off the runway, as evidenced by the rest of the inspiring wearers in the gallery.

On a side note, the misleading Pinterest/Google brought me to this charity post (FOREWARN: very NSFW, and do not, DO NOT click if you’re at work, or you’re a man who freaks out at seeing your own anatomy in socks) that I just have to share because I am your best buddy. And best buddies educate each other for the better of our girlfriends, wifey and family. Thank you very much, I’m now very aware of testicular cancer, the foundation and my growing beer belly.

So try to be a little playful with your socks today, tomorrow or next week. I definitely want more happinessHappy Socks, I’m on my way. You may also check out Cole & Parker (international shipping at USD10),

** Just found out HappySocks is also physically available in Malaysia at ActuallyKL (KL Bangsar Village), Materiel (Pavilion KL) and 1984 (Kota Kinabalu).

Get yours now. HR letter not included.

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Images by Tumblr, Pinterest, GQ, Happy Socks & Cole & Parker

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