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I’ve made it a mission to discover the best affordable luxury around the world that I can shop right at my finger tips.

When we say “affordable luxury,” we don’t necessarily mean cheaper price tag, or slightly-less-expensive-but-still-expensive luxury items.

What it means: high quality products with a reasonable price tag minus the hefty marketing mark-up.

One of our recent best find has to be Frank & Oak

Started by Canadian Hicham Ratnani and Ethan Song in February 2012, Frank & Oak’s goal is simple: to dress the creative professionals like designers, web geeks (woot! that’s me,) architects with affordable yet high-quality and stylish clothes.

To accomplish the goal, Frank & Oak started by providing subscription service for their “monthly box” – think Birchbox but replace the beauty products with men’s clothes and accessories. A closer example (rival?) is the Trunk Club.

But there’s one difference that sets F&O apart from other “monthly box”: instead of featuring products from various brands, F&O monthly box features F&O’s own products. They’re all designed in-house by the team.

Their style is minimalistic chic, very urban and utilitarian – it’s Parisian-chic ready. Don’t expect something flashy or crazy though.

And we’ve just checked the whole store: Nothing is over USD 300. Average price range is USD10 to USD225.

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F&O just raised USD15 million funding a month ago, and we believe it’s a sign that they’re doing something right, if not a vote of confidence to click that check-out button on their online store. Of course, you can shop directly from their online store without subscribing to their “monthly box.”

Another thing tugging our heartstring: their look book are as chic as Mr Porter‘s.

* Frank & Oak currently only ship to Canada and US. (Borderlinx)

Frank Oak Lookbook Shop Affordable Luxury: Frank & Oak

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