Possible Pricing List For 2017 Louis Vuitton X Supreme Collaboration

Lv X Supreme Price List Possible Pricing List For 2017 Louis Vuitton X Supreme CollaborationImage: hypebeast.com

On January this year, we have finally witnessed the highly-anticipated Louis Vuitton x Supreme collaboration on their Fall/Winter 2017 collection. They even revealed the collection will be available at Louis Vuitton stores beginning July 17. But what about the prices?

Now, according to @hyped_distribution on Instagram, here are the potential price lists for every piece of the upcoming collection. The price list also includes certain items are tagged with a red “POP UPS ONLY” text. Take a look below.

CTY Bags:
Christopher Backpack: $4,350 (RM19,385)
Danube PM: $2,410 (RM10,740)
Danube PPM: $1,800 (RM8,021)
Bumbag: $2,310 (RM10,294)
Apollo Backpack: $2,580 (RM11,497)
Nano Backpack: $1,840 (RM8,199)
Bumbag: $1,690 (RM7,531)

Small Leather Goods:
Pochette Jour GM: $890 (RM3,966)
PF Slender: $705 (RM3,141)
Org de Poche: $445 (RM1,983)
Porte Cartes Simple: $305 (RM1,359)
PF. Brazza: $860 (RM3,832)
Chain Wallet: $860 (RM3,832)
Zippy Organiser: $1,270 (RM5,659)

Travel & Phone Accessories:
Keepall Band 45 Red: $3,750 (RM16,711)
Keepall Band 45 Camo: $2,290 (RM10,205)
Keepall Band 55 Black: $4,150 (RM18,494)
Set of 2 Name Tags: $385 (RM1,715)
iPhone Folio 7: $385 (RM1,715)
iPhone Folio 7+: $420 (RM1,871)
Eye Trunk 7: $1,270 (RM5,659)
Eye Trunk 7+: $1,350 (RM6,016)

Calf Leather & Monogram Canvas Sneaker: $965 (RM4,300)
Plain Calf Leather Sneaker: $955 (RM4,255)
Calf Leather Slipper: $850 (RM3,788)

MNG Denim Overshirt: $860 (RM3,832)
Washed Denim Bans Jacket: $2,185 (RM9,737)
Camo Denim Bans Jacket: $2,185 (RM9,737)
Camo Regular Jeans: $860 (RM3,832)
Camo Denim Jacket: $1,375 (RM6,127)
MNG Box Logo T-shirt: $485 (RM2,161)
Leather Blouson: $4,350 (RM19,385)

5 Panel Cap: $435 (RM1,938)
Wool-Cashmere Scarf: $1,550 (RM6,907)
Cushion: $665 (RM2,963)
Bandana: $370 (RM1,648)
Scarf: $585 (RM2,607)
Baseball Gloves: $875 (RM3,899)

LV Leather With Monogram Pattern: $760 (RM3,386)

City Mask Sunglasses: $505 (RM2,250)
Downtown Sunglasses: $505 (RM2,250)

Fancy Accessories:
Key Holder & Bag Charm – Bottle Opener: $480 (RM2,139)
Key Holder & Bag Charm – Pocket Knife: $730 (RM3,253)
Bag Charm: $585 (RM2,607)
Downtown Key Holder & Bag Charm: $290 (RM1,292)

Fashion Jewellery:
City Badge Brooches: $425 (RM1,894)