Online Clothing Retailer Everlane To Make The World’s Most Sustainable Denim

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Sustainable clothing has been an ongoing trend these days. Now, the US-based online clothing retailer Everlane is taking the concept of sustainable clothing one step further by making the “world’s most sustainable denim”.

“Denim is a really dirty business”, said founder and CEO of Everlane, Michael Preysman. According to Preysman, he has visited thousands of factories around the world for the past seven years just to get the right place to “make denim as sustainable as possible”.

“I think what most people don’t realise is that a light pair of denim jeans started out as a really dark denim,” explained Preysman as he refers to the standard denim production process where the cotton is dyed with indigo and subsequently washed and rewashed until it reaches the desired colour. “They had to take regular cotton, make it really dark blue, then wash it all out to get back the light colour.”

Fortunately, Preysman has already found the right factory last year: the Saitex factory owned by Sanjeev Bahl, which is located in the Đồng Nai Province of Vietnam.

“It was hard finding an owner who is committed to clean manufacturing,” said Preysman. “Most factory owners keep to the minimum standard. But Sanjeev, who is Buddhist, believes in leaving the world a better place than it is.”

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As a result, Everlane will launch its upcoming jeans collection via online store on September 7. Made in a sustainable manner using 2% of stretch Japanese denim, the price for the jeans is set at US$68 (RM290) a pair.

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