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“Unlike my father’s generation, men today care about what they wear, but they don’t like to shop. What they want is a one-stop shop for everything, and online is the best place for that,” said Mr Marc Ménasé.

Mr Ménasé is the founder of, a rising online retailer focusing on selling medium to high-end men’s wear labels.

Think of it as the high-end brother of Zalando/Zalora, but not as refined and as “editorial” as Mr. Porter. The originally France-only online store now operates in US, UK, Germany, Netherlands, Spain, Italy and Singapore. (Yay if you’re in Asia.)

I wasn’t familiar with it at first – the online store only came into my vicinity when the news has it that the online store recently received a USD 29 million investment from 3 new investors. (One of them is the group of founders who founded Celio.)

The new money speaks volumes about the future of this online store.

If you’re not familiar with the name, drop by their store now to have a look. They might become your new shopping hotspot.

As reported by WWD, they are coming to Korea and Japan in the second quarter of 2015.

Below: Menlook shooting their first TV commercial

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