Levi’s Unveils “Virtual Stylist” Feature To Assist Shoppers In Finding The Right Jeans

Levis Virtual Stylist Levis Unveils Virtual Stylist Feature To Assist Shoppers In Finding The Right JeansImage: levi.com

Sometimes it can be really frustrating to find a right pair of jeans. This is especially true if you love to shop online. While you can always search various tips about how to find the perfect fit across the internet, Levi’s has made it easier for online shoppers out there.

Dubbed the “Virtual Stylist“, this latest AI chatbot can be seen in their official US website. This particular chatbot appears at the bottom right of the site beginning with a speech bubble that reads: “Hey! I’m Levi’s Virtual Stylist, a bot here to help. Are you shopping for women’s or men’s jeans?” From there, you are given the option to choose “Women’s Jeans” or “Men’s Jeans“. Once you click either of them, you will be asked to choose different fits such as tight, fitted or regular and so on.

“We are focused on our strategic priority of growing the e-commerce side of the business and increasing engagement with our customers and this is a critical component of that because we know one of the biggest challenges for them is finding the right fit,” said Marc Rosen, Levi’s executive vice president and president of global e-commerce.

Click here to try the “Virtual Stylist” yourself.

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