Clarks Launches A New Trigenic Evo Footwear

1200 X 1200 Trigenic Evo Grey Clarks Launches A New Trigenic Evo FootwearImage:

Clarks has unveiled a brand new Trigenic footwear dubbed the Trigenic Evo. The new sneaker is built using the same original design which includes the asymmetric last shape and the three-part outsole and expands from there. The existing asymmetric last shape is now improved with elastic fastenings for an added support. The underfoot of the sneaker, in the meantime, is also upgraded with an innovative footbed using triple-density PU for extra comfort.

For the men’s styles, the new Trigenic Evo sneaker includes a Vibram footbed for added durability and firmer grip. It comes with a three part, de-coupled outsole and has bevelled edges for a more natural feel upon wearing the sneaker.




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