Tattoo Ideas: Here Are Our 10 Top Models’ Favourites

Fashion Tattoo Ideas Male Models Tattoo Ideas: Here Are Our 10 Top Models Favourites

As far as we can see from the runway, the trend which overturned the “clean and perfect” male model stereotype still hasn’t shown any sign of deteriorating – at least not in the next 5 years.

Can’t get enough of tattoos? Neither are the top models.

Whether you’re still making up your mind to get your first tattoo or thinking about your next ink after your bicep’s, browse the gallery, and listen to what these 10 models have to say about their favourite tattoos. You might get inspired.

Mikkel Jensen:

“I like when people take an interest in my tattoos. My favorite is the one on my chest. It is an hourglass with wings to symbolize that time is “flying away.” I had it made because I have had such a great time the last couple years and it feels like the time goes by too fast. I like it the most cause it reminds me of all the good things in my life. Of course the one with my brother, sister, mom and dads birth dates means a lot to me as well.” (Details)

Jimmy Q on the “Whisper” tattoo near his ear:

“A favourite of mine because everyone gets to see it and it reminds me of all the women in my past life…she’s whispering sweet nothings into my ear.” (Sleek)

Josh Beech:

“The man on the top of my right arm is Archie Taylor also known to me and my sisters as Grandad. He past away this summer and he was a huge part of my life. I spoke to him all the time, especially when travelling as he loved to know what i was doing.  [I] dont have a great relationship with my father so my Grandad was like a father figure to me and has been very influential in the way i went to live my life. I can’t speak to him anymore but now he is with me in every picture and he is constantly there on my arm to remind me how to live my life and not to get caught up in everything.” (Contributor)

Bradley Soileau:

“My forehead tattoo says “war inside my head”. It’s a song by a band called Suicidal Tendencies. I got my first tattoo when I was 16. I got it covered up cause I got the same tattoo but bigger elsewhere. I have a plan for my back piece, but I don’t have any other plans really. Most of my tattoos are just stupid ideas, none have any meaning. [They are] just fun.” (Morphoman)

Stephen James:

“Next week I’m going to shave my head and tattoo a mandala all over.” (ELITE Model)

Ashley Stymest:

“They’re on me forever! I have loads and will be getting more.”

Ricki Hall:

“Never get your partners name tattooed on you, it’s a tattoo curse.” (Men Style Fashion)

Daniel Bamdad:

“People asked, ‘why did you get so many tattoos?’ Why don’t you have any?”

Tony Ward:

“I was 24 and was consciously destroying the physical being I had created. [There] are tattoos dedicated to my kids. I have over thirty tattoos, I really value them all ’cause they are recordings.” (Inoubliable Model Army)

Cole Mohr:

“I had this [chest] tattoo done because of an ex-girlfriend from Houston.”

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