Fashion That Can't Get Through Airport Security

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No, really. How does one get through the metal detector door wearing studs and spikes?

Actually you can You can’t. And your wifey can’t too with these highly lethal ones. That’s why you can’t see no one embracing this pointy fashion within 10 meters radius from the airport check-in point. The same reason why they never really appear on this G-rated blog.

JOKING. This blog does not come with a metal detector or an x-ray machine.

Last time I checked, pointy objects and this blog are mutually exclusive:

Maxmayo Studs Spikes Math Fashion That Can't Get Through Airport Security

In case you wonder why the circle “set” (see, we must go all scholar to maintain credibility) representing the pointy objects in the above Venn diagram is so much larger than the set representing this blog, it is because from our observation, studs/spikes has been a huge evergreen trend that seems to never go away. It’s there in the 80s even before I was born, and it’s now STILL HERE even after I got married and have a son am old enough to be a grandfather.

Conclusion: studs and spikes are “classic”.

My acceptance to studs started with leather jackets, or things that improve lives. Although the chic/elegant/suit-and-tie side of my sartorial identity still holds me from going forth at times, the inspiration from the runway, editorials and street style has been very encouraging. (Gallery above.)

Not to say studs and spikes are not chic and elegant. But it certainly takes skill to execute them in the chicest and most elegant style that pointy objects are not normally associated with.

E.g. Does Edward Scissorhands looks elegant with his scissorhands? Can you ask Queen Elizabeth to wear studs and spikes? Think again.

Maxmayo Studs Spikes Math Collide Fashion That Can't Get Through Airport Security

What would the intersection look like when the two worlds collide? I’m not too sure. But since this blog doesn’t come with machine that goes “beep beep” when metals get close, I shall embrace it. BE A STUD, fellas.

It may or may not be revealed in the next installment of From Runway to Everyday.

At the mean time, you can make your own collision possible with these:

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Images from stockholmstreetstyle, Christian Louboutin website, SSENSE, Burberry & Google.

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