Fashion Guide for Baby-faced Men

Fashion Guide For Baby Faced Men 1 Fashion Guide For Baby Faced Men

Most men don’t like to be described as “baby-faced” because we find it effeminate. While most attractive men are typically tall, lean, tanned, handsome and muscular, having a “baby face” can’t be all that bad – if you know how to work your wardrobe. (FYI, some researchers found out that modern women actually prefer baby faces! 1 2 )

Choose Solid/Bright Colours

Man In Solid Color Top Fashion Guide For Baby Faced Men

Solid and bright shades like green, bold red, blue, purple are bold and they work well as best colour choices for tops (not to forget the cool black). Softer colours like baby blue, pink, yellow and baby green are experimental and it is best to avoid them. Remember that pastel colours make you appear younger.

Leather Wear

Man In Leather Jacket Fashion Guide For Baby Faced Men

Yes – the smell of leather, and remember that cool old vintage leather jacket your dad used to wear a few decades ago? Leather makes a man, and that’s why you always remember your father everytime you smell leather. Leather wear are easy to work with and so all you need is experience. Leather jackets can be perfectly worn with both casual and formal attire. Beside jackets, you can try other leather accessories like bags, wallets, watches, shoes etc.

Stylish Coat/Jackets

Man In Stylish Coat Fashion Guide For Baby Faced Men

It’s time to ditch your old-school jackets from your college/university era and opt for more sophisticated outwear.

Man In Stylish Overcoat Fashion Guide For Baby Faced Men

Man In Stylish Jacket Fashion Guide For Baby Faced Men


Man In Stylish Boots Fashion Guide For Baby Faced Men

If you’re still wearing canvas shoes most of the time, maybe you can check out the boots.

Utilitarian Fashion

Man In Stylish Plaid Fashion Guide For Baby Faced Men

Utilitarian fashion is about simplicity and functions, and it is perfect for looking tough and down-to-earth. This style usually involves denim, khakis, chinos, plaid shirts and “work”-wear – that’s it, they “work”, not too fancy.

It is not difficult to select the right pieces to change your style, but it is still up to your confidence that defines how you will look. The most essential fashion rule: just be yourself.