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… and yetttttt you might still remember the term “anorexia”, and how the fashion world has invented it made it cool been negatively associated with it.

But long gone are the days of tiny tweeny winny size (or they may have notYSL may be still working on it) since the supermodel-dom of the meaty Mr David Gandy.

On a related but mostly unrelated note, labels started to embrace edible objects in recent years.

From Moschino, Prada, Frankie Morello, to Jeremy Scott and a brand called Mr Gugu (I love this name) – fellas, your favourite tenderloin, Caesar salad and creme brulee (hey, my favourite!) are in.

That’s not to say the labels will now be hosting grand 3-course dinner after each runway show. Through the use of the curated gallery above, I’m inspiring you to go for a healthier sartorial diet by simply wearing food and/or fruits on your body.

A full platter of sushi may not be everyone’s cup of tea (cue picture #1) (See, I’m pretty good at pun now.) A shirt with subtle print of burgers or pineapples should do the trick. (Also included above with links.)

Eat, fellas.EAT! Wear your food proud. You’re now one step closer to Gandy’s Gentlemen’s Club. (You may need this, too.)

I’m now one step closer to being a food blogger.

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