Fashion of Gangnam Style

Gangnam Style Horse Riding Fashion Of Gangnam Style

You may have already watched it – The viral “Gangnam Style” music video by a South Korean rapper named Psy which has garnered international attention and admiration.

K-pop won’t normally make it into my playlist but this is an exception. I love this song because I find it really funny (awesome dance moves, Psy) and awe-inspiring at the same time. Besides the invisible horse-riding dance, what really caught my attention was Psy’s Gangnam-style outfits in the video.

Gangnam is the Beverly Hills of Korea. It is the affluent neighbourhood where the poor wants to live there, and the rich doesn’t want to leave there – a place where wealthy, luxurious and excessive materialistic lifestyle is worshipped.

Teheran Ave Gangnam Gu Seoul South Korea Fashion Of Gangnam StyleTeheran Ave in Gangnam

Although the video is a lampoon of such culture, the sartorial taste in the video are note-worthy. Here are the great styles I spotted in the video:

Gangnam Psy Tortoise Shell Sunglasses Fashion Of Gangnam StyleTortoise Shell Frame Sunglasses

Thierry Lasry?

Gangnam Psy Black Suit Fashion Of Gangnam StylePsy in Black Suit + Black Dress Shirt
Gangnam Psy Black White Brogues Fashion Of Gangnam StyleBlack & White Brogues
Gangnam Psy Light Navy Blazer Fashion Of Gangnam StyleBlazer in Light Navy + Black Pants
Gangnam Psy Studded Loafer Slip On Fashion Of Gangnam StyleStudded Loafer / Slip-on
Gangnam Psy Suit Sneakers Fashion Of Gangnam StyleSuits + Sneakers
Gangnam Psy Drop Crotch Boat Shoes Fashion Of Gangnam StyleDrop-crotch Pants + Boat Shoes
Gangnam Psy Purple Velvet Pants Fashion Of Gangnam StylePurple Velvet Pants

For a playful video that produced such awkward yet addictive horse-riding move, there are some really serious fashion in there. #Amazed

If you haven’t watch it, do yourself a favour. Turn on your speaker and hit the play button now:

Amused much? Seriously, I don’t know why I love it. Haha! *start horse-riding*


Source: Image 1, 2. *The rest are video screenshots

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