Fashion Advice Du Jour: How to Tie a Tie & Get The Right Length Everytime?

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Say the words “tie a tie” with a speed that’s 2 times faster than usual. You’ll realised it sounds exactly like Tai Tai. TRY IT.

Putting my interesting discovery of the said English-Mandarin cross-referencing aside, the post du jour is to answer a question I’ve had on the third time I tied a tie. I was still in university.

When you tie a tie for the first time, it’s almost natural that you will redo the tie multiple times to get to the final approved shape and length. According to statistics (backed by unreliable source), most men couldn’t get it right on their first attempt.

For the second time, having to redo the knot 3 to 5 times still seems bearable.

For my third time, I decided I shall wear mandarin collar for the rest of my life.

Someone have got to tell me why human invented a piece of cloth to wrap around the neck, which generally does not serve real purpose but to dip into my favourite salsa sauce every time I reach out to get my chips. (Note: Special thanks to the person who introduced me tie bar.) (Note 2: No, I love you Hermes.)

I’ve learned to appreciate tie as a part of the shopping list human evolution later on, but the very question remains: how to get it right every time without a re-knot?

The answer is rather trivial, but it does not stop me from creating a very educational gallery starring me and a few ties. Slash out your ties now and get busy.

Extra note for this exercise: different knot types definitely requires different length. I did Half Windsor knot in the above.

Well, if you ask me what ties I’d love to buy, or if you’re lack of ties to practise the above tutorial:

350 Fashion Advice Du Jour: How To Tie A Tie & Get The Right Length Everytime?

Tell me. Is that how you do it as well? Show us if you have something up your sleeves ties.

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