Coat over Shoulders Trend

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My favourite prank back when I was 7 is back, I tell ya. Riding my bicycle with no hands has always been my favourite past time. But seeing that my age now has 2 digits, I might look unwise to carry out the said activity on the street nowadays. However, the much-missed activity somehow came back to me and reincarnated in the form of street style trend a few years ago.

Although I don’t really understand the actual benefits behind the slinging (Vogue called it “coat slinging“) other than producing a vague resemblance to the boss of the Italian mafia, but in the name of sartorial experiment AND to relive my childhood no-arm nostalgia without wheels, I gave it a try.

During the experiment, my coat dropped off my shoulders 3 times before I managed to step outside the compound of my house. I couldn’t helped but burst into laughter looking at my coat, and then at myself. My maid passed by, and sincerely, she went, “Sir, are your arms and shoulders alright? Did you just sprain your shoulders? Is that why you can’t wear you coat properly and it keeps dropping?

That’s when we’ll know if we’ve hired the right maid, fellas. And so I explained to her what I was trying to do, and one hour later we’re out doing grocery with coat slung over our shoulders looking mafia-chic, followed by the dialogue below:

Coat Over Shoulders Trend Funny Coat Over Shoulders Trend

Ok kidding. Killing is still illegal in our country.

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