Nusantara Denims & Tarik Jeans

Nusantara Denim Tarik Jeans Malaysia Nusantara Denims & Tarik Jeans

Having been a fan of Levi’s and possibly a silent advocate of if-it’s-not-broken-don’t-fix-it mantra, independent denim brands and indie boutiques hardly fall under my radar of interest and study.

But, it’s a different story when 1) it’s homegrown 2) the brand is carrying some really good products and 3) the brand or boutique exudes a level of premium-ness that is on par with your favourite, and 4) you know it somehow came from the same mother as your friend‘s whom you already loved.

It’s Nusantara Denims and we’re invited to the official launch earlier this month.

ND Store  27 Large Nusantara Denims & Tarik Jeans

Nusantara Denim Afiq Iskandar Nusantara Denims & Tarik JeansNusantara Denims founder, Afiq Iskandar

Nusantara Denims is a premium denim boutique located in Subang Jaya SS15 (above Station One Cafe) carrying selected premium denim labels from across South East Asia. The labels include Tarik Jeans – a Malaysian-made label by Afiq – an advocate of Malaysian pop culture and art.

 Nusantara Denims & Tarik Jeans

Denim Jeans Men Clothing Nusantara Denims & Tarik Jeans

Nusantara Asia Denim Collection Nusantara Denims & Tarik Jeans

Denim Jackets Jeans Men Nusantara Denims & Tarik Jeans

Big A Productions Dj Malaysia Nusantara Denims & Tarik Jeans

Cowboy Decor Nusantara Denims & Tarik Jeans

Nusantara Denim Accessories Nusantara Denims & Tarik Jeans

Nusantara Denim Interior Nusantara Denims & Tarik Jeans

Tepak Sirih MalaysiaTepak Sirih

Tarik Jeans Washes

Some of the denim labels:

FifthRequisite MalaysiaFifthRequisite

Nusantara Denims for Men

Doku Jeans MalaysiaDoku
OldBlue Co Jeans Denim OldBlue Co
Pop Meets Pop Denim JeansPot Meets Pop
Tarik JeansTarik Jeans

Tarik Jeans Local Brand

Tarik Jeans Logo

Nusantara Denims Tee Shirts

Nusantara Denims Shoes BootsLove

Derby Shoes Malaysia

Locka Bohemian Style Accessories

Including works from leather artisan Field Trip, and they’re showing their craftmanship live:

Field Trip Leather GoodsField Trip Leather Goods

Field Trip Leather Custom

Field trip Leather Collection

Field trip Brand Label Leather Malaysia

Followed by the fashion show. Some of the looks:

Nusantara Denims Fashion 1

Nusantara Denims Fashion 2

Nusantara Denims Fashion 4

Nusantara Denims Fashion 3

Nusantara Denims Fashion 3 DetailsI love this idea of sweater accessorised with bold necklace

Nusantara Denims Fashion 6

Nusantara Denims Fashion 5

Nusantara Denims Events

Nusantara Denims OpeningAfiq and the models

Drop by Nusantara Denims in Subang Jaya SS15 and take a look at their selection of best jeans in Asia. Here’s a special note to you: check out those SHOES as well. They are pretty impressive.

Hope you enjoy this post.

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