Chic Baseball Caps

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“What is so cool about baseball caps, really? Is it possible to wear one without looking like a college dude?”

“I don’t think I’d ever wear a baseball cap to suffocate my head.”

Three years ago, the above monologue happened in my mind when I was looking at a Supreme cap. And so I bought the cap.

To me, there’s nothing really alluring about baseball caps: the American sports isn’t very popular in Asia (except in Japan) and the small front brim doesn’t really function as a protection more than a Panama hat would under the blazing sun in the summer.

As I’m also not really a hip-hop-slashed-rapper street-wear fiend, you can’t really spot a baseball cap on my Facebook timeline since 1985.

On the other hand, the long-term abstinence of having something cupping my head makes me feel a little funny and uneasy to start wearing one.

But things took a turn when I recently found a valid reason to cup my head: it could the perfect old-school tool to hide my laziness.

You know, those days when you just feel too lazy to style your hair? Those days when you’ll be stuck at home whole day but still need to make some impromptu grocery trips? (For the record, I almost always style my hair for planned outing, including going to the groceries. But it’s “impromptu” we were saying. Teehee!)

Enter baseball cap.

ERASE THAT. Enter chic baseball cap. Voila.

What defines a “chic” baseball cap is pretty simple: “things should look grown-up,” as what GQ always say. According to the Book of GQ, a chic baseball cap is a cap that: A) has no prominent logo, or team emblem B) looks Minimalistic, and C) Subtly coloured. (Anyho, that wouldn’t stop me from going floral.)

350 Chic Baseball Caps

Team Mayo ABSOLUTELY adore Gents Baseball Cap.

And that brings us to my style reference Eugene Tong who has mastered the head-cupping art:

Chic Baseball Cap Eugene Tong Street Style 1 Chic Baseball Caps

Chic Baseball Cap Eugene Tong Street Style 2 Chic Baseball Caps

Chic Baseball Cap Eugene Tong Street Style 6 Chic Baseball CapsChic Baseball Cap Eugene Tong Street Style 5 Chic Baseball Caps

… while looking cheerful in various type of head-cup:

Eugene Tong Wearing Beanie Chic Baseball Caps

Then, there was Pope Benedict XVI werking it in Rome:

Pope Benedict Wearing Baseball Cap Chic Baseball Caps

Since Pope has done it, why haven’t you? I’m taking some time getting used to having my head cupped.

Lastly, and as always, I have to ask this question: WHO WORE IT BEST?

Baseball Cap Eugene Tong Vs Pope Chic Baseball Caps

Images by Athens Streetstyle, Tommy Ton, Reuters, Gents

Chic Gray Baseball Cap Men Chic Baseball Caps Suit Baseball Cap Chic Baseball Caps chic-baseball-cap-by-gents-1 chic-baseball-cap-by-gents-2 chic-baseball-cap-by-gents-3

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