Breton Stripes Are The Best

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If wearing the same piece of garment over and over again in our daily lookbook is a faux pas for a stylish man or a fashion blogger, then I pretty much fits the bill of the offender. Hand me my summons, fashion police.

But if the said garment is a breton top – the legendary breton stripes – I’d say I’m not a lone ranger in the club. Power rangers have at least 5 colours.

Emmanuelle Alt, James Dean, Ines de la Fressange, Pablo Picasso, Alexa Chung, Coco Chanel, Jean-Paul Gaultier, Kurt Cobain, and Max Law (which is me, by the way) – what do we have in common, other than the fact that we’re all human?

We sort of have a thing for breton stripes.

The reason for the affection is obvious: breton stripes top simply looks great on anything, with anything. It looks great anytime, anywhere.

From Sahara desert, to Forbidden City in Beijing and Bermuda Triangle; From Monday office (unless your office is suit-only) to Saturday date nights and Thanksgiving dinner with your future in-laws – you name it. Breton stripes have yet to fail me.

As an amateur francophile, I saw je ne sais quoi in it. I just have to: the original breton tops were designed for the French nautical men like sailors, mariners, and fishermen. Tres french or what?

Even my own sister questioned my penchant for these horizontal lines. But hey, see how happy I look when wrapped in those stripes? I hope the fake moustache has succeeded to persuade you to join me in the breton strip stripes club.

If that didn’t work, revisit the inspiration gallery above and see for yourself how I and Picasso look so alike when we’re wearing breton.

As Picasso once said: Everything you can imagine is real. Hello, grandpa.

While we’re at it, here’s my personal tip: When in doubt, wear breton top with a sport jacket or blazer. It’s a sure-win combination.

The second tip: Want to buy the most authentic breton strips? Check out Saint James, and look no further. They have been producing breton tops for 150 years. Holy.


It is perhaps a chicer, easier-to-execute basic than a plain white t-shirt.

Images by Pinterest, Selectism, & Google

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