Best Tattoos for Men: Part III

Best Tattoos For Men Part 3 Best Tattoos For Men: Part IIIBest Tattoo for Men: Part 3

According to our sample group of female subjects (editor note: sample group size of 1, which constitute of her – and only her,) tattoo makes a man appears hotter in the eyes of the female (or some male) counterparts.

She: “I don’t know, really. It just feels… hotter. Especially tattoos on the neck, peaking out from under the pants… no I meant COLLAR. Collar. I guess the same thing goes for stubble and beards?”
Me: “I see. Would you date a guy with a lot of tattoos?”
She: “SIGN ME UP.”
Me: “Would you date a guy who wears make-up as well?”
She: “… Wait. Wha?”

 Best Tattoos For Men: Part III

“Now how about that, ladies? I can do tattoo, and I can do make-up. Best of both worlds, I tell ya,” said Rick.

To transcribe the above video: Zombie Boy Rick Genest demonstrated the effectiveness of a make-up product by way of covering his full-body, real tattoos using the product. Going to an interview tomorrow for a banker job? Not a problem at all!

Back to the topic.

Since the femina tribe has spoken on the subject of tattoos, it is our job to exploit their will. Grab a tennis ball, bite it, and get ready to be that Girl Boy with the Dragon Tattoo.

Below we present a gallery of best inspiration for your perusal, in case you’re still deciding between a dragon or a SpongeBob (well Marc Jacobs does have one on his right bicep.)

On a side note, I heard it’s pretty painful inking down south. Care to testify? Anyone?

Best Tattoos Men 24 1 James Quaintance Best Tattoos For Men: Part III

Best Tattoos Men 1 Vogue Hommes Japan Best Tattoos For Men: Part III

Best Tattoos Men 2 Model Andre Hamann Best Tattoos For Men: Part III

Best Tattoos Men 3 Model Sebastien Polet Best Tattoos For Men: Part IIIRose on the Neck
Best Tattoos Men 4 Anchor Ancla Best Tattoos For Men: Part IIIAnchor
Best Tattoos Men 5 Rose Neck Best Tattoos For Men: Part IIII brought you a rose. It’s on my neck.
Best Tattoos Men 6 Cyclist Best Tattoos For Men: Part IIIMinimalist typography
Best Tattoos Men 7 Arrow Best Tattoos For Men: Part IIIArrow
Best Tattoos Men 8 Number Model Billy Huxley Best Tattoos For Men: Part IIINumber 89
Betty Boop!Betty Boop!


Words on chestWords on chest







Shoulder guardShoulder guard


Rose and birdiesRose and birdies
Camouflage Level: GodCamouflage Level: God
Blinded GirlBlinded Girl


Minimalist anchorMinimalist anchor
Mandala FlowerMandala Flower
Don't Discuss Secret on The TelephoneDon’t Discuss Secret on The Telephone


Geometric SleeveGeometric Sleeve


Pirate Ship Chest PiecePirate Ship Chest Piece
Mandala & SkullMandala & Skull


Egyptian EyesEgyptian Eyes
Flying birdsFlying birds
Geometry linesGeometry lines



Here's crouching tiger, and hidden dragon is... hidden.Here’s crouching tiger, and hidden dragon is… hidden.
Take note on the red lips near pelvicTake note on the red lips near pelvic
Twetty birdTwetty bird

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