Best Tattoo Spots for Men (Gallery)

Best Tattoo Spots Men1 Best Tattoo Spots For Men (Gallery)

If you’re planning to get a tattoo, choosing the right spot is important. If you have a well built body, this is the time it shines because tattoos work great on well-defined muscles. From my experience in viewing & discovering fashion photos & advertorials, keeping your tattoos subtle & presentable is the best approach if your purpose is to enhance your physical attractiveness. You don’t want to join Dumb Tattoo Club. 😉

Before you ink: if you’re a working white collar or a professional working for a serious company, you might want to choose a spot where you can keep the tattoo under wrap when you want to.

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Here are the Sexiest & the Best Tattoo Spots for Men:

Between Shoulder Blades / Middle of the Back, Across Shoulder

Tattoos on shoulders create a more masculine look.

Upper Arms, Biceps

Arm is the most popular spot among men.

Updated: See Style Inspiration: Bicep Tattoos for Men for more.


Chest / Pectoral Muscles

Torso / Across Obliques

Side of neck

Which spot do you think is the best for you? Share with us, or you can even send us photos of your tattoo if you have one. 🙂

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  • kc

    am thinking of getting one – actually have been thinking of getting one. Really want obliques – but what if one puts one weight?!

    • Max

      Yes obliques tatt r so cool 🙂 But to keep ur tatt in shape, u have to keep ur obliques in shape too. Or ur tatt will be stretched…

  • Tyrone

    I have something like 30-32 of biceps and im lookin for a tatoo to do on it but, i have a question is it going to be all messed up if i get big at the gym ? bcz i work out and i have all my muscles defined now i just need to gain some mass 🙂 TY.

  • James Becker

    Tattoos on the upper back for men look kinda gay. I’d never get one there.