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Having problem deciding on what colour to choose when buying clothes? Or, you’re already bored of going for the same black, white, navy and grey colour scheme over and over again?

Some men have already figured out their colours early in life, but some are still having vague idea on what colour works best on them.

Men Style Bright Orange Suit The Universal Colours

What works on your buddy doesn’t always works on you. #FashionFact

Having said that, there are colours that works universally for all men (as well as women.)

Here are the 4 universal colours:

True Red

Pantone True Red The Universal Colours

True Red is warm and deep red, similar to the colour of a red tomato. It is the 2002 Colour of the Year. Clothes with colours close to True Red work on everybody, regardless of skin tone.

True Red Tshirt The Universal Colours

Men In True Red Pants The Universal Colours

Men Red Sweater The Universal Colours

Eggplant / Aubergine

Pantone Eggplant The Universal Colours

Named after the vegetable Eggplant, this is a colour combination of purple and brown. Eggplant is called “The Perfect Purple” for its versatility.

Kellan Lutz Eggplant Shirt The Universal Colours

Men Eggplant Cashmere Knit Sweater The Universal Colours

Bradley Cooper Eggplant Suit1 The Universal Colours

Eggplant Pants and Bowtie


Indian Teal

Pantone: Indian Teal

Indian Teal is dark and deep turquoise, between dark blue and green. It highlights your skin tone (light or dark) and it’ll be suitable for both casual and formal occassion.

Indian teal Sweater

Kellan Lutz in Lacoste Indian Teal Sweater

Indian Teal Pants for Men

Mellow Rose

Pantone: Mellow Rose

Mellow Rose is neutral, between baby pink and peach. Wearing this color helps to accentuate your facial flush, and brings the attention to your skin, creating a “glowing” effect. It can be in lighter tones but it has to remain warm and “peachy”.

Mellow Rose Shirt + Grey Suit

Mello Rose Pink Shirt for Men

Mellow Rose Pink Knit Sweater

Hope you enjoyed this post.

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