The Rise of Backpacks

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I never really fancy backpacks even though I’ve spent almost 80% of my days in junior and senior high carrying them. I sort of get rid of it and fully embraced sling bags once I entered university (not a very good idea now that I thought of it).

I can’t seems to move away from the notion that backpacks are meant for schoolboys, and that they tend to look kind of boring, and only work with certain looks and outfits.

While we’re at it – I simply cannot accept those popular black/corporate laptop backpacks worn as everyday-bag (or everything-bag) by many working adult men. They’re everywhere here (just get into a bus, a train or a monorail and you’ll know) and I get it that the functional and durable bags came with the company laptops, and how they look is ultimately at manufacturers’ mercy. But I always wish the laptop manufacturers would take a few pages from Coach, Filson and Fjallraven catalogue and create something similar so that I don’t look like a backpacker going to setup a camp in the Google office.

Backpacks (I especially prefer the “rucksacks” type) re-entered my sartorial vocabulary in recent years, and it all started on that very day when I finally realised I kind of need a good ‘ol backpack to keep my hands free on the go. (The same kind of epiphany on the topic of 8-hour sleep, ahem.)

Backpack Streetstyle Men The Rise Of BackpacksBackpack Street Style. Image by Tommy Ton

Picture this: Answering a phone call while getting into a packed lift, struggle to press your floor button while making sure your grocery/shopping bags are still in both of your grips, trying to reach for your parking ticket in your left pocket (left hand is busy holding the phone, and there’s a heavy tote housing a laptop and a DSLR hanging on your right arm).

You get the picture. (I’m not trying to paint a picture of Manny Poppins.)

If you don’t, there’s still no reason to resist buying one when both the big names and the independent labels keep churning out really good-looking backpacks this season. There are some REALLY NICE BAGS RIGHT THERE and they changed my mind.

Gosh. I just love that one by MCM and Junya Watanabe.

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