Samsonite Marshmallow

Samsonite Marshmallow Green Samsonite Marshmallow

Samsonite luggages are well-known for their utility value and durability, but let’s just say they’ve never been a good player when it comes to the style department.

But hey, check out this Samsonite Marshmallow. Honestly, it looks nothing like anything else they’ve done before. I KIND OF LOVE IT.

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The size, the shape and the colours – it feels ultra 70’s chic.

Disco Fashion 70s Luggage Samsonite MarshmallowABBA is ready for their world tour, or a 70’s disco party.

As demonstrated on their official website, you can do so many things with this luggage, in the name of marshmallow:

Samsonite Marshmallow Samsonite Marshmallow

You can sit on it and start strumming your guitar whenever my your “karaoke” mood strikes, or simply throw it onto your car’s roof and rest your tired gluteus maximus on it while enjoying the view of what could be the Himalayas or your backyard. (Side note: the official catalogue says “Ergonomic curved design for sitting.”)

Price: MYR1,890.

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