Ghurka Woodward Backpack

Ghurka Woodward Backpack Review Ghurka Woodward Backpack

In the case of Ghurka, it’s a love at first sight.

Or more specifically, it was all because of Woodward in “Military Twill Citrine Stripe.”

I can’t tell you just how much love I have for this stunning bae. This bag could be the more stylish cousin of my favourite indestructible backpack given that they’re both made of some similar (and very durable) cotton twill.

What really caught my eyes were the leather trim and the colour stripes – the luxurious calfskin leather trim tones down the ruggedness of the cotton twill, making the bag looks more polished; the coloured stripes and the pop of yellow add a modern touch to the otherwise traditional (or boring) backpack. Well, this backpack isn’t exactly traditional because the bag is also a tote when you carry it by its longer-than-usual top handle.
Ghurka Woodward Backpack Back View Ghurka Woodward Backpack

Ghurka Woodward Backpack Inside Ghurka Woodward Backpack

Ghurka Backpack Size 1 Ghurka Woodward Backpack

With the material used in the bag and Ghurka’s history, this bag is a sturdy bag that can last for many many years. The silhouette is simple and the colorway isn’t too trendy yet not outdated – a very well-executed bag in terms of “form vs function” balance.

At $1545, this bag is reasonably price!

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