Filson Leather-Trimmed Twill Rucksack

Classy Backpack Filson Rucksack Filson Leather Trimmed Twill Rucksack

Filson makes quality and very durable bags. Bar none. All bags sold by Filson are “guaranteed for life” and some are even handed down from generation to generation.

Originally a rugged outdoor lifestyle brand, Filson has long been inducted into the world of #menswear as one of the classic and highly praised bag makers.

The design of Filson Leather-Trimmed Twill Rucksack is a little preppy, but not so much that it looks inappropriate pairing with a working navy suit or a double-breasted. (It might due to the fact that men’s wear is slowly being dressed down in recent years. Think about the sneakers + suit trend.) In other words, it works with all outfits, and its minimalist design makes it timeless.

Retailed at USD350, the bag is considered an affordable item (if not, a very very good investment) given the quality. With this bag, you basically can put in just about anything and toss the bag anywhere without having to worry about serious wear and tear.

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